How to Become a Member

If you sell boats in Australia and New Zealand, itís to your advantage to become an AZ Boats member. Becoming a member enables you and your company to list your boats in the AZ Boats Database where they can be viewed by anyone that has an Internet connection. You will be able to change details on boats you have listed or delete boats from the database at any time, online and live.

AZ Boats will set up a Virtual Marina for you to sell your boats in. Your Virtual Marina can be any size from 25 boats/berths to 200 boats/berths. To personally list a boat, you simply connect to the Internet and log in with your password and username to the AZ Boats site, select either an empty berth or one that you no longer wish listed, enter the boat details and download a picture. Itís that simple. Or, we offer a full service where we enter your listings for you.

Each Standard Berth comprises the search criteria which includes type of boat, length, price, state, motor or sail, new and used together with one photograph of the boat being listed. Included in the price for a standard berth is the option of Dealerís Notes where special features or other information can be included.

To create a competitive edge and display your boats more prominently, there is a two photographs per boat listing option - the Premium Berth - for an additional fee.


Becoming a partner is easy - simply fill out the MEMBER APPLICATION FORM and submit it to us at AZ Boats. We will then set up your account and provide you with a Member ID and Password.

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