Searching for Boats

Searching for boats in the AZ Boats database is easy. Simply:

  1. Select the Find a Boat option.
  2. Select either the Used Boats or New Boats option.
  3. Fill in at least one of the search criteria fields (see Search Tips below).
  4. If required, select the Sort By option to sort the order in which the search results are displayed.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. The Summary of Search Results is displayed.
  7. Click once on one of the boats in the summary to display the full details.
  8. If required, you can add the selected boat to the Clipboard for storage and printing purposes (see notes below on clipboard functions).

About the Clipboard
AZ Boats provides every visitor with their own Clipboard for storage of selected boats from one or more searches. The Clipboard is a handy tool to compare selected boats. To add a boat to your Clipboard, perform a search and view the full details of a boat and click the 'Add to Clipboard' button. Continue reviewing other boats or performing other searches and add selected boats to the Clipboard as required.

When you have finished searching, select the 'View Clipboard' option to review and compare the selected boats. Use the Print option to print the details of all boats on the Clipboard if required.

The Clipboard stores the boat details for the duration of your Internet session only - when you disconnect, the next time you log back in to AZ Boats your Clipboard will be empty.

Search Tips
Search Criteria can be entered in upper or lower case, both are accepted.
When searching for boats using the 'Make' field, either all or part of the Make can be entered. The search will retrieve all records containing what you entered regardless of where it is positioned in the Make field.


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